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Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro marks its 10th anniversary in 2014

   Aiming to become Kyoto’s new signature night event starting from the 21st century, Kyoto Hanatouro began in 2003 in the Higashiyama area. Adorned by “illuminations” from approximately 2,500 shaded open-air paper lanterns called roji andon using LED bulbs to create a Japanese atmosphere and “flowers” of voluminous works of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, this event is intended to create walkways along which people won’t be able to resist strolling. This event has also been held in the Saga Arashiyama area since 2005, and marks its milestone 10th anniversary this year.
   Using various geographical conditions, such as historical cultural properties and natural landscapes, including the waterside and nearby bamboo forest, Arashiyama Hanatouro expresses the sense of the early winter season in the Saga Arashiyama area in a fascinating way with gentle “illuminations” from Japanese-style roji andon lanterns and “flowers” in works of ikebana arrangement. The illuminated foot of the mountains and the Togetsu-kyo Bridge reflected on the river’s surface are so wonderful that visitors will surely forget about time. In addition, the illuminated pathway through the bamboo forest from Nonomiya Shrine to the garden of Ōkouchi Sansō is overwhelming.
   This year, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Arashiyama Hanatouro, various events are scheduled such as an exhibition of special works of ikebana arrangement. Furthermore, visitors can also enjoy the special admission, opening, and lighting-up of Nisonin Temple, Rakushisha (a small hut once belonging to a haiku poet), Jojakko-ji Temple, the garden of Ōkouchi Sansō, Nonomiya Shrine, Tenryū-ji Temple, Hōgon-in Temple, and Shigureden (museum of Hyakunin Isshu (Hundred Poems by 100 famous poets)), which are scheduled to coincide with this event (entrance fees separately required).
Venue: Saga Arashiyama area
Access: JR Saga Arashiyama Sta., Randen Arashiyama Sta., Hankyu Arashiyama Sta., Kyoto bus, and Kyoto City bus, etc.
Period: December 12 (Fri) – 21(Sun)
Lighting hours: 17:00 – 20:30 (The event will be held rain or shine.)
Contact : Secretariat for the Kyoto Hanatouro Promotion Council (weekdays: 10:00–18:00)
Phone or E-mail +81-75-212-8173
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