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International Symposium: Free admission to the Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches at “Interpraevent 2014”

Title: International Symposium: Free admission to the Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches at “Interpraevent 2014”
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 13:00 to 17:20
Venue: Noh Theatre, Nara Prefectural New Public Hall (Kasugano-cho, Nara City)

Details: In recent years, large-scale landslides due to heavy rains, a typhoon, an earthquake, and volcanic eruption attributed to climatic changes have occurred frequently in various places in the world. It is necessary to discuss and steadily take appropriate measures for these diverse phenomena. As such, research results regarding the prevention and mitigation of landslides in Japan and overseas will be shared at “Interpraevent 2014,” an international congress for disaster prevention to be held in Nara Prefecture, where large-scale landslides due to Typhoon No. 12 (Talas) in September 2011. The Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches to be held on the first day of the symposium will be open to the public free of charge.
Quota: 200 people (application required)

1.Opening Ceremony: Opening addresses by 5 speakers (approx. 60 min.) (3 Japanese speakers, 2 non-Japanese speakers) 
2.Keynote Speeches (speeches concerning disasters in related countries) 6 speakers (approx. 180 min.) (2 Japanese speakers, 4 non-Japanese speakers) (* Although English will be the common language used at the symposium, simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)
How to apply: After entering “Would like to apply for the free admission events at Interpraevent 2014” in the “Subject” space, and your “address,” “name,” and “phone no.” in the text space, send the message by fax or email to the contact information stated under Inquiries below.
* We will reply back to you only if your application cannot be accepted.
□Phone: +81-(0)742-27-8521 □Fax: +81-(0)742-27-3911 □E-mail: shinsou@office.pref.nara.lg.jp
Contact : Disaster Prevention Section, Deep-seated Landslide Risk Management Office, Management Division, Nara Prefectural government
Website http://www.pref.nara.jp/28071.htm