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Fukui Prefectural Museum of Cultural History’s Special Exhibition “Hakusan Mandala―Illustrated Gods and the faith for Kannon”

   In Echizen, a place surrounded by mountains, mountain worship was actively practiced, in which mountains of beautiful appearance and remarkable height were objects of worship.
   The sacred mountain of Hakusan, which is said to have been opened by Taicho Daishi, a Buddhist monk from Echizen, in the eighth century, and which should be at the top of the list of those mountains in terms of attractions, has long attracted many worshippers.
   Gathering many pieces of the Hakusan Mandala that show the condensed history and culture of the faith for Mt. Hakusan deeply related to Fukui Prefecture, a special exhibition will be held intended to analyze the faith for mountains and gods.
Period: October 25 (Sat) – November 24 (Mon / holiday), 2014
Fees: Adults: 500 yen (400 yen), University and senior high school students: 400 yen (320 yen), Elementary and junior high school students: 250 yen (200 yen)
* Figures in parentheses indicate fees for groups of at least 20 people.
Three Deities of Hakusan with color painting on silk
(housed in Shirayama Hime Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture)
Important cultural property: Seated statue of the eleven-faced one thousand-armed Kannon Bosatsu (housed in Ohtan-ji Temple in Echizen Town)
Cultural property designated by Fukui Prefecture: Hakusan Suijaku Mandala (housed in Heisen-ji Temple Hakusan-jinja Shrine in Katsuyama City)
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