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Sakai City Museum’s special exhibition “Japanese traditional techniques and beauty”―Important cultural properties and people who support these properties

   Sakai City Museum will hold an exhibition intended to show the techniques and beauty of individual and group holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties, who are called “living national treasures.” Visitors can enjoy the essence of Japanese traditional art crafts through about 190 fine pieces of artwork created by inheriting advanced traditional art and craft techniques, such as for ceramic art, dyeing & weaving, lacquer art, metalwork, wood and bamboo crafts, dolls, hand-made Japanese paper, kirikane (cut-gold leaf), and bachiru (a technique of engraving dyed ivory), further pursuing new techniques and expressions, and directing their rich productive sensitivities to the artwork.
   Furthermore, the museum will introduce selected preservation techniques for creating and producing tools and raw materials that support those traditional craft techniques.
Period: November 15 (Sat), 2014 – January 12 (Sun / holiday), 2015
Fees: Adults: 600 yen (480 yen), University and senior high school students: 300 yen (210 yen), Elementary and junior high school students: 50 yen (30 yen)
* Figures in parentheses indicate fees for a group of at least 20 people
Organizers and supporters, etc.:
Organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Sakai Municipal Government, Sakai City Board of Education
Supported by NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station (JOBK)
Specially cooperated by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Nigoshide (milky white) bowl with a weeping cherry tree pattern by the 14th Sakaida Kakiemon in 1990, housed at the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Contact : Sakai City Museum
Phone or E-mail +81-72-245-6201 / hakugaku@city.sakai.lg.jp
Website http://www.city.sakai.lg.jp/kanko/hakubutsukan/