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Osaka Hikari-Renaissance 2012

“Osaka Hikari-Renaissance”, a festival of lights that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, will be held from Friday, December 14, 2012. To demonstrate the dynamism of Osaka, the festival will also be taking place first time in the Midosuji area as Midosuji Illumination, in addition to the Nakanoshima area.

In the Nakanoshima area, a symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka, the program has been completely changed and will feature a white/blue illumination representing shining water, in keeping with the theme “Over the Shining Water.” The entire area will also be bathed in rainbow color as part of the festival.

The attractions at the central site in the Nakanoshima area are:
(1) “Shining Gate” on a wall of Osaka City Hall, displaying an image of shining ice crystals,
(2) “Shining River” on Nakanoshima street in front of the Central Public Hall: an illumination show of rainbow colors against the blue of the river, and
(3) “Winter gift from the Emirates,” a 3D-lighting picture book that was well accepted last year, will be presented on the east side wall of the Central Public Hall as a new production.

The Tale of Aqua 2012 “Dynamics,” expressing vital force with water rings and fish scales as motif will be presented at the eastern site in the Nakanoshima area.

The Midosuji area features a 1.9 km-long illumination with ginkgo trees on Midosuji, a main street of Osaka, together with newly constructed photography platform.

The festival will be held until Sunday, January 20, 2013. Please come and enjoy the show.
Nakanoshima area
Contact : General Information Center, Osaka City
Phone or E-mail +81-6-4301-7285
Midosuji area
Contact : Urban attraction section, citizens’ cultural department, Osaka Prefecture
Phone or E-mail +81-6-6210-9304