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Year-end gift items are now on sale at the Wakayama On-line Shopping Mall!

When it comes to year-end gifts, there’s nothing better than seasonal foods, directly shipped from the source in Wakayama Prefecture. Why not present delicious, fresh, safe and nourishing foods to your loved ones? Year-end gift items are now on sale at the Wakayama On-line Shopping Mall, an internet shopping site offering drop shipments of delicious foods made in Wakayama, such as unshu mikan(mandarin orange) in season, nanko-ume pickled plums and fresh shirasu (dried young sardines).

What is the Wakayama On-line Shopping Mall?
An internet shopping mall that introduces and sells agricultural, marine and other local products of high quality from Wakayama Prefecture, the Wakayama Online Shopping Mall brings you the latest information which includes product information only conventionally available in Wakayama. (Japanese language only.)

This online mall features a wide range of local products in which Wakayama Prefecture takes great pride: fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafoods, meats, pickled plums, miso/soy sauce, juices, local sake, sushi, noodles, sweets, breads, bincho charcoal, lacquerware, craftwork and commodities are available.

These lovingly grown and crafted local products are shipped directly to you!
The concept of this shopping mall is that producers sell their items directly to you via the internet.
Please try these fresh, lovingly created products shipped directly to you.

This mall is open until Tuesday, December 25, 2012.
Contact : Executive Committee, Wakayama On-line Shopping Mall
Phone or E-mail 073-441-2817 (Japanese language only)