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Kyoto Marathon 2012 - Public transport use encouraged on the day of the event -

 In 1994, various projects and events were held in Kyoto to commemorate the 1200th anniversary of founding Heian-kyo (present Kyoto) as the national capital. These projects and events, being served as a new starting point for Kyoto,aimed to implement new city development projects for the 21st century by taking over the achievements and passions of previous generations.

 One of those events wasthe Kyoto International Half Marathon, a historic international competition with the participation of 12,000 people, including top runners from home and abroad together with amateur runners. It was later renamed Kyoto City Half Marathon and has been held 16 times.
 This half marathon, which arguably triggered Japan’s current running boom, will become a full marathon event as Kyoto Marathon 2012, which will be held on Sunday, March 11 next year after two-year absense.
 The main concept is to support reconstruction efforts in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as revitalizing Kyoto and the whole of Japan.
 15,000 amateur runners from home and abroad will appear and this is the first full marathon held in Kyoto as citizen participation type. The marathon course will start from Nishikyogoku Athletic Park, which is well known as the start and finish of the All-Japan Interprefectural Women’s Ekiden Championships, pass through major streets in Kyoto and finish at Heian Jingu Shrine, which is famous for its beautiful vermilion-lacquered otorii (grand shrine gate). Participating in the event will be 15,000 amateur runners from home and abroad.

 Enjoying Kyoto’s beautiful natural environment, runners will pass by various tourist attractions, including seven locations inscribed on the World Heritage List, such as Kinkakuji Temple and Ninnaji Temple, and see all five mountains famous for Gozan-no-Okuribi (Bonfires on Five Mountains). This fascinating course of 42.195 km in Kyoto will enable runners to fully enjoy the attractiveness of Kyoto, an international city of culture and tourism.

 Along the streets, local people of all generationsstudents ranging from elementary school age to college age, local shop owners and members of local organizationswill cheer the runners on with the spirit of hospitality unique to Kyoto.

 Kyoto aims to make Kyoto Marathon 2012 a runner-oriented event led by local residents, by making full use of the attractiveness and characteristics of the city and the citizen power that has been cultivated on the basis of the city’s traditions.

 Meanwhile, due to traffic restrictions that will be imposed for long periods on the day of the event, huge traffic jams are expected across the city. Motorists are therefore encouraged not to use their cars, and visitors are advised to use public transport for sightseeing on the day of the event.
Contact : Kyoto Marathon Executive Committee Secretariat
Phone or E-mail 075-366-0314
Website http://www.kyoto-marathon.com/outline/index_en.html