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Shiga Prefecture promotes Omi beef overseas

 Omi beef has the longest history as a beef cattle breed in Japan and is prized as one of the top three beef brands in Japan. (Left photo)
 Beef consumption is increasing overseas, primarily in Asia, where an attractive beef market is being developed with increasing affluence of consumers. Against this backdrop, as an approved meat processing establishment for the export to Macau, Thailand and Singapore, Shiga Meat Center has exported safe and hygienic meat to such regions, following the hygienic management procedures required by the HACCP standard.

 This year, the organizations interested in promoting export of Omi beef, including Omi beef producers and suppliers, established the Omi Beef Export Promotion Association and launched the Omi Beef Export Promotion Project. Through this project, the association strives to promote the attractiveness of Omi beef to overseas consumers, develop new markets and export other cuts in addition to steak cuts, which have been exported so far.

 Last month Yukiko Kada, governor of Shiga Prefecture visited Singapore, the largest importer of Omi beef. (Right photo) In Singapore she visited the Embassy of Japan in Singapore and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). At a reception held with the attendance of invited government and industry officials, Governor Kada explained the measures being taken to ensure safety of Omi beef, including screening of all cattle to detect radioactive materials. She also promoted the attractiveness of Omi beef by introducing recipes for beef cuts other than steak cuts, thus demonstrating that any cut of beef can be turned into a delicious healthy dish.

 In addition to Governor Kada’s sales promotion activity, Omi Beef Export Promotion Association held business meetingswith local suppliers.
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