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Advertising the attraction of Uji tea

 With the number of tourists from overseas on the decline and Japan’s continued sluggish exports both affected by the nuclear power plant accident due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, Governor Yamada of Kyoto Prefecture and Chairman Kondo of the Kyoto Prefectural Assembly visited France in October with the aim of inviting visitors to Kyoto Prefecture and promoting exports of the prefecture’s agricultural produce to France.

 They visited the state of Basse-Normandie on October 18. To promote exchanges with the state in the field of agriculture, including exports of Uji tea, Governor Yamada and Basse-Normandie Vice President Alain Tourret signed a declaration of friendship (photo on left).
Serving as a springboard for a declaration of friendship with the French state was Kyoto Prefecture’s advertisement of Uji tea and promotion of tourism in Kyoto at an event related to the Asian Film Festival held this spring.

 Prior to signing the declaration, Governor Yamada highlighted his desire to make the safety of agricultural produce from Kyoto Prefecture widely known and to boost the number of tourists from France, which has significantly dropped since the nuclear power plant accident, by saying, “Since Kyoto has not been affected by the nuclear power plant accident, we hope that people in France purchase agricultural produce from Kyoto and come to Kyoto to see the sights.”

 To make the attraction of Kyoto widely known, the “Kyoto Fair in Paris” was held in Paris from October 19 to 20. At the dinner party, chefs from renowned three-star Kyoto cuisine restaurants in the Michelin Guide served various dishes from Kyoto. Approximately 80 invited local administrative officials, people of culture and members of the press fully enjoyed the food culture of Kyoto.

 Uji tea (gyokuro green tea brewed in cold water), which was prepared as a welcome drink, was favorably received with surprise for its rich aroma and mild and deep flavor, and was acclaimed as a “green wine.” Also, upon receiving compliments about Uji tea from the hotel manager, who expressed his desire to use Uji tea in his hotel following a tea-brewing demonstration for hotel staff members (photo on right), Kyoto Prefecture gained more confidence for the high ratings it has received for Uji tea in France.

 From now, Kyoto Prefecture will deepen exchanges with France through various opportunities, and in cultural aspects, will convey the attraction of Uji tea as a way to advertise the splendor of Kyoto, one of Japan’s ancient capitals.

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