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“B-1 Grand Prix in Himeji” will be held on November 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun)

Community revitalization event through food
 The taste is A class but the price is B class. The “B-1 Grand Prix” is Japan’s largest community revitalization event, where inexpensive, tasty and locally loved “B-class local gourmet foods” are gathered. The up-coming 6th B-1 Grand Prix will be held in the world cultural heritage Himeji Castle area (Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture). This is the first B-1 Grand Prix to be held in the Kansai region and in an area with a Shinkansen station.
 The “B-1 Grand Prix” is an activity designed not only to provide tasty foods but also to advertise each community through its local food. The event will be held in the hope of bringing as many people as possible to the community where the food was created and has been developed by making their local gourmet food widely known.

 A record high number of 63 groups will exhibit their foods
  In this event, 63 mouth-watering foods will be gathered from all over Japan. Previous Gold Grand Prix winners, such as “Fujinomiya Yakisoba Society FUJINOMIYA YAKISOBA Society,” “Hormone Shirokoro Atsugi Expedition The atsugi Shiro Koro hormone expedition,” “Yokote Yakisoba Noren Committee,” and “Kofu's Succulent Torimotsu-ni Stewed Gizzards Kofu Torimotsu-ni de Minasama-no-En-wo-Torimotsu-tai” will also make an appearance.
  From the home prefecture Hyogo, local gourmet foods, such as “Himeji Oden” Himeji-style hot-pot dish eaten by dipping the ingredients in ginger soy sauce (by Oden Spread Committee Himeji Himeji Oden Promotion Association), “Akashi Tamago-yaki,” octopus balls with a fluffy texture containing firm Akashi octopus and bonito stock (by Akashi Tamago-yaki Promoters Akashi Tamago-yaki Hirome-tai), and “Takasago Nikuten,” okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza) that contains fibrous beef , potato and konnyaku (traditional Japanese jelly-like food made from konnyaku potato) simmered in salty-sweet (by Takasago Nikuten Eaters Takasago Nikuten Kuwan-kai) will be exhibited to promote their respective communities.

 “Himeji Food Expo 2011” will be simultaneously held.
 Taking the B-1 Grand Prix, to which many people will visit from all over Japan, as a perfect opportunity, the “Himeji Food Expo 2011” will be simultaneously held at the venue adjacent to that of the B-1 Grand Prix (the Himeji Castle area). Some 62 groups that have been working on community revitalization in Hyogo Prefecture will exhibit at this Expo.
 Entries this year are: “Nagata Soba-meshi” that offer an exquisite taste created by mixing noodles and boiled rice with salty-sweet sauce; “Amagasaki Ankake Champon” that features starched thick soup with a great amount of ingredients and straight thin noodles; “Ikuno Hayashi Rice,” a recreation of the old home-made taste of rice with hashed meat, produced when the area flourished as a mining town; “Sasayama Marugoto Domburi,” a bowl of “Koshihikari” rice produced in Sasayama topped with specialties of Sasayama, such as beef, venison and wild boar meat; and “Awajishima Noodles” in which plenty of Awaji Island’s specialties such as onion, seafood, beef and hand-pulled noodles are used. Please try local gourmet foods that can be enjoyed only in Hyogo Prefecture.
Contact : B-1 Grand Prix in Himeji Executive Committee
Phone or E-mail 079-287-0066
Website http://www.b1-himeji.jp/