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Invitation to Awa Odori for All People

 In Tokushima, the home of the “Awa Odori dance,” the “Awa Odori for All People Festival” will be held on Wednesday November 23, a public holiday, at ASTY Tokushima in Tokushima City. This will be a musical event performed under the theme, “Awa Odori for All People—Connecting Past and Present to the Future,” in which dances from old times that were performed throughout the city during the Edo Period and a future form of Awa Odori dance will be demonstrated. Furthermore, the “Contemporary Awa Odori Dance,” an evolving dancing performance by the Yūmei-ren troupe will appear on the stage. Watching each attractive dancing performance before their very eyes, visitors will be able to rediscover the history and culture of the Awa Odori dance and come to deepen their appreciation of the Awa Odori dance. The admission fee will be 1,000 yen for an advance ticket (1,500 yen for a ticket sold on the day) with all seats requiring reservation.
 Also, in order for participants to learn the Awa Odori dance and to convey and spread its profound attraction, the “Awa Odori for All People Workshop,” which will be held until the end of November, will dispatch groups of instructors from the Yūmei-ren troupe for the coaching of authentic Awa Odori dancing. They will teach male dance, female dance, gong, ōdaiko (large barrel drum), shimedaiko (medium-sized drum), flute, and shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo) to various organizations including elementary and junior and senior high schools throughout Tokushima Prefecture.

  The Tokushima Cultural Promotion Council, which annually focuses on one cultural resource unique to Tokushima as its theme, has engaged in a project to convey its attractiveness throughout Japan, while improving the cultural resources of the year. These efforts have been made to further enhance and continue the ground swell of cultural promotion, which has been heightened through “the 22nd National Culture Festival Tokushima 2007 in stead of treating it as a temporary phenomenon. Selected as a cultural resource in 2008 was Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony,” which was first performed in Japan in Tokushima; in 2009, “Awa ningyō jōruri (puppet theater)”; in 2010, “Awa indigo”; and this year, 2011, the “Awa Odori dance.” So this year, Tokushima will be in full Awa Odori dancing mode.
Contact : The Secretariat of the Tokushima Cultural Promotion Council
Phone or E-mail 088-621-2256
Website http://yorozu-awaodori.com