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The 2nd SAKAI Peace Contribution Award Presentation Ceremony

 On October 28, Sakai City held the presentation ceremony of the 2nd SAKAI Peace Contribution Award. The Award was established in 2008, to be presented to an individual or organization engaging in activities contributing to international peace centering on the Asia-Pacific region. The purpose of the Award is to communicate the importance of international peace both at home and abroad, and thereby to deepen understanding of peace and respect for human rights, and promote international cooperation and contribution activities.
 The Grand Prize winner of the Award is Mr. Motoi Tauchi (photo), 68, who has established senior citizens’ homes in which both Korean residents in Japan and Japanese live together. He has been engaged in improving welfare for Korean residents in Japan and promoting cultural interchange and mutual understanding between Japanese and Korean people.
 Encouragement Prizes were awarded respectively to: Ms. Agalyn Nagase, 47, who has been providing self-reliance support to victims of war in Mindanao and Filipino women living in Japan; and Lala Association, an NGO organization that supports the lives of Afghan orphans.
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