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Expanding as a world’s super cluster of advanced medical treatment

 It had been whole 12 years in October this year, since Kobe City launched on the advancement of the “Kobe Medical Industry Development Project” (photo), a project to concentrate the medical-related field, a fast-growing industry in the 21st century, by constructing facilities for research and development of advanced medical technologies, focusing on Kobe Port Island.
 With the smooth advancement of the construction of core facilities, such as the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation Hospital and Riken Center for Developmental Biology, 187 companies have branched out and approximately 3,700 people have been employed in Kobe City under this project.
 Moreover, it was decided in 2007 that the location of the Next-Generation Supercomputer (a.k.a. the “K computer”), a national project aiming to create the world’s fastest computer, was to be located on Kobe Port Island. Installation of this supercomputer began in the facility in September this year, aiming at full operation in 2012. Since this computer will enable advanced simulations, which will become available in various fields such as life sciences, manufacturing and disaster prevention, it is expected that the new drug development and research on medical technologies be further accelerated under the collaboration with the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project. (Photo provided by Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
 In the future, Kobe City aims to become a world super cluster by concentrating special hospitals available for advanced special medical services and by further promoting the accumulation of medical-related companies that can create opportunities for new businesses, such as medical supplies and equipment.
 To receive a broader understanding of the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project, an explanatory meeting is held once a month. At the general public opening of the facility for the project on November 20 (Sat), visitors can observe the inside of the facility, which is usually closed to the public. Kobe City looks forward to many people participating.
Contact : Kobe Medical Industry Development Project Promotion Office, Kobe City Planning and Coordination Bureau
Phone or E-mail 078-322-6319
Website http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/information/project/iryo/index.html