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Megawatt-class solar power generation facility in Awaji Island

 At the end of this November, Hyogo Prefecture will complete a megawatt-class solar power generation facility (photo) in cooperation with Awaji City. This facility, which will contribute to annual reduction of 330 tons of CO2, will be an attractive point of this cooperative effort for promoting green energy, and is expected to play roles as an incentive for inviting environment-friendly companies and as a center of environmental learning.
 This facility, which will be in operation on November 28, is a photovoltaic power generation facility with maximum-class output power (1 MW) as a public facility in Japan. The facility can annually cover about half of the electricity for three public facilities including the adjoining Awaji City Government Head Office. Using Awaji’s asset of having the longest daylight hours in the Kansai Region, the facility will contribute to CO2 reduction equivalent to the amount annually absorbed by approximately 23,000 large Japanese cedar trees. The facility also expects to play an active role as a symbol of Awaji Island, which aims to become Environmental Island Awaji, with focus on harmonious relationships between people and nature as well as history and technology.
 This power generation facility, where the amount of electricity generated displayed to enable visitors to feel closer to green energy, will serve as an environmental learning center through informative panels and DVDs projected on TV screen. Moreover, the facility will help support construction of a power plant for the people of Hyogo Prefecture by appropriating part of the money earned from selling surplus power to the Hyogo Green Energy Fund and by installing photovoltaic power generation equipment in public facilities in the prefecture. Also, the Hyogo Prefectural Public Enterprises Agency offers up to 50% discount on land prices to environment-friendly enterprises that set up in the Awaji Tsuna District Industrial Site.
Contact : Air Pollution Control Division, Environmental Management Bureau, Environment and Agriculture Department, Hyogo Prefectural Government
Phone or E-mail 078-362-3284