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Producing 1,600 visual media works with Kobe as the location

 Kobe is in all respects an ideal place for filming, given its compact assembly of diversified landscapes and excellent traffic access to airport and railroads. Using this advantage, the Kobe Film Office was established on September 13, 2000, and invites and supports the filming of movies and TV dramas so as to enhance its name recognition and ability to attract visitors, as well as for the promotion of visual media industry.
 With its one-stop service for simplifying the procedures for various filming licenses, and the consultation and acceptance of various matters regarding locations in Kobe, the Kobe Film Office has received high national ratings for its assistance in the production of more than 1,600 picture works. Supported works range widely from many movies such as “Shinjuku Incident” released in 2009 with Jacky Chan in the lead role, and “Norwegian Wood” to be released this year, to TV programs including dramas and variety shows. (Photo: Filming in the Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-machi) for “My Girl Friend is A CYBORG,” released in 2008)
 Recently, the office, in celebration of its establishment, implemented commemorative works for creating and delivering filming location guide booklets: the “KOBE cinemap”. The office hopes visitors to Kobe, taking this opportunity, will discover Kobe’s wonderful attractions.
 Kobe City also strives to enhance its attractiveness in cooperation with the people of Kobe and related organizations.
Contact : Kobe Tourism & Convention Bureau
Phone or E-mail 078-322-5339
Website http://www.kobefilm.jp/