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Biwaichi Tourism Walking

 Shiga Prefecture recognizes those who have walked around Lake Biwa as “Biwaichi Tourism Walkers”.
 If you can collect at least two stamps per block from all five blocks for a total of 20 stamp points, referring to the Biwaichi Map (figure), you will be recognized as having completed the circuit of Lake Biwa.
 A certificate and memento will be presented to anyone who has completed walking around the lake. The “Complete Conquest Certificate & Memento,” which is a little unusual in design, will be presented to those who have collected stamps from all the 20 stamp points and completed the conquest. Names of “Biwaichi Tourism Walkers” will be posted on Biwako Visitors Bureau’s website as requested. (Registration fee: 1,000 yen per adult, 500 yen per child at or under junior-high-school age.)
 To be certified, all you have to do is to collect the predetermined number of stamps regardless of when and where you start, or how long it takes, even if you don’t follow any of the 14 courses on the map.
 Why don’t you enjoy the great historical culture and nature unique to the lake prefecture of Shiga, while experiencing the beauty and size of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, at walking pace.
Contact : Biwako Visitors Bureau
Phone or E-mail 077-511-1530
Website http://www.biwako-visitors.jp/biwaichi/