Event Calendar

Iya Heike Matsuri
  • Iya Heike Matsuri
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Second Saturday and Sunday in October
  • On the first day of the festival, a drum performance by the Iya Japanese Drums Preservation Associat...
Awa Jurobe Matsuri: Story of Autumn
Deutsches Fest in Naruto
  • Deutsches Fest in Naruto
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Late October
  • An array of events is scheduled to promote and expand international exchange and friendship between ...
Inugai Farm Stage: Awa Ningyo Joruri Performance
Todoroki Jinja Autumn Festival
  • Todoroki Jinja Autumn Festival
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Early November
  • People run down to a waterfall carrying a portable shrine from Todoroki Jinja shrine, which is locat...
Furusato Carnival: Awa Tanuki (raccoon-dog) Matsuri
Otani Pottery Fair
  • Otani Pottery Fair
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Second Saturday and Sunday in November
  • This pottery fair is being jointly staged by potters producing Otani ware in the precincts of Torin-...
Maple Festival in Unexplored Iya
Objet d'art of Winter in Ikeda
  • Objet d'art of Winter in Ikeda
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:December 1st to January 10th
  • The whole town of Ikeda, including Ikeda Hesokko Park in front of JR Awa Ikeda Station, is decorated...
Big Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival)
  • Big Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival)
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Late February to early March
  • A pyramid-like 100-tier doll stand is set up in the center of the venue together with a total of 300...