Event Calendar

Awa Jurobe Matsuri
  • Awa Jurobe Matsuri
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:First Saturday and Sunday in June
  • At the Old Residence of Awa Jurobe, which serves as a permanent theater for Awa ningyo joruri, vario...
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Concert
Fairy Festival: Sea Turtle Festival
Illumination Town Anan: Light and Mandala
Kito Cedar Log Riding Contest
  • Kito Cedar Log Riding Contest
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:First Sunday in August
  • This is an event in which ippon-nori (log riding), a traditional performance technique, is recreated...
Naruto Awa Odori
  • Naruto Awa Odori
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:August 9 to 11
  • The Awa Odori dancing held in Naruto City starts off a series of Awa Odori dancing events in the pre...
Awa Odori Festival Eve
  • Awa Odori Festival Eve
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:August 11th
  • Famous Awa Odori dancing teams belonging to the Awa-Odori Promotion Association or Tokushima Awa-Odo...
Awa Odori
  • Awa Odori
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:August 12th - 15th
  • When it comes to an event that represents Tokushima, it is definitely Awa Odori dancing. During the ...
Iya Heike Matsuri
  • Iya Heike Matsuri
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Second Saturday and Sunday in October
  • On the first day of the festival, a drum performance by the Iya Japanese Drums Preservation Associat...
Awa Jurobe Matsuri: Story of Autumn