Event Calendar

Kanou (Cherry Blossom Viewing)
Chimaki Matsuri
  • Chimaki Matsuri
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:May 31st
  • An event to purge evil by offering mock rice dumplings in which soil of the shrine garden is wrapped...
Sakai Oouo Yoichi
  • Sakai Oouo Yoichi
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:July 31st
  • A traditional event staged since the Kamakura Period. Many events including the bidding for fish are...
Kaizuka Danjiri Festival
  • Kaizuka Danjiri Festival
  • Category:Annual Events
  • Holding period:Early October
  • A total of 20 danjiri floats carrying teams valiantly race through the streets in Kaizuka City.