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Deer Antler Cutting Ceremony

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Deer Antler Cutting Ceremony

The deer antler cutting ceremony was first held in order to prevent people from being injured during the Kanbun Era in the early Edo Period. It used to be performed in the dead-end streets in Naramachi by the Nanto magistrates. Since 1892, it has been held in the front approach to the Kasuga Taisha shrine, with the spectators' seats separately set up. In 1930, a new enclosure was completed, part of which has since been used for the antler cutting ceremony. In the ceremony, 5 to 6 stags are brought into the special place and their antlers are cut by Seko (brave men) with a saw.
Date(s) Saturdays and Sundays in October
Place Rokuen (Deer Enclosure) in Nara City
Contact Foundation for the Protection of Deer
Access Seven minutes walk from Kasuga Taisha Omote Sando bus stop, which can be reached from JR Nara Station by municipal circulation bus (eight minutes bus ride). Alternatively, 30 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara Station.

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