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Uchiwamaki (paper fan scattering ceremony)

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Uchiwamaki (paper fan scattering ceremony)

It is said that when Kakujo, the high priest who acted as the restorer of the temple in the Kamakura Period, did not notice being bitten by a mosquito during ascetic practice and his disciple tried to shoo the insect away with a fan (uchiwa).

Kakujo said, "Giving the mosquito my blood would be a type of Bodhisattva practice."

In an effort to praise his virtue, pretty and heart-shaped fans started to be dedicated as offerings.

Today, several hundred fans are thrown out to the worshippers, and if you catch one it is considered a charm against evil.
Date(s) May 19th
Place Toshodaiji temple in Nara City
Access Accessible from Toshodaiji bus stop, which can be reached from Nara Station on the JR or Kintetsu Line by bus bound for Rokujoyama (17 minutes bus ride). Alternatively, eight minutes walk from Nishinokyo Station on the Kintetsu Line.

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