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Aoi Matsuri

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Aoi Matsuri

Aoi matsuri or "Hollyhock Festival" is held on May 15. It is one of the three biggest imperial festivals in Japan and the most important festival of Kamigamo shrine. Since aoi (hollyhocks) are offered at the festival, and all the shrine buildings and attendants are decorated with hollyhocks, the event is known as the Aoi Matsuri.

The procession of this festival, which is 800 meters long and 500 people participate starting from the palace of Kyoto to Kamigamo shrine, is like elegant scroll painting.
Date(s) May 15
Address Kamigamo Jinja shrine and Shimogamo Jinja shrine
Access (Kamigamo Jinja shrine) Accessible from Kamigamo Jinja-mae bus stop by municipal bus No. 4. This bus stop can be reached from Kitayama Station on the Karasuma Subway Line, departing from Kyoto Station. (Shimogamo Jinja shrine) Accessible from Shimogamo Jinja-mae bus stop, which can be reached from Kyoto Station by municipal bus No. 205. This bus stop can also be reached from Shijo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line by municipal bus No. 4 or 205.
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