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Migochi Hikiyama Festival

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Migochi Hikiyama Festival

A spring festival at Shidori Jinja, a shrine housing the god of textiles. The third day of the festival is called Yoimiya, in which 12 floats go around the town, including those tugged by young men and those by children. The fourth day features Hikiyama-gyoji, a parade of 12 beautifully decorated floats.
Date(s) May 3rd - 4th
Address Migochi district in Nodagawa Town
Contact Nodagawa Town Office, Industry Information Section:
Access Accessible from Migochi Shogakko (elementary school) bus stop, which can be reached from Nodagawa Station on the Kita Kinki Tango Railways (KTR) Miyazu Line.

Migochi Hikiyama Festival Neighborhood map

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