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Tado Festival (Ageumashinji)

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Tado Festival (Ageumashinji)

In this annual Shinto ritual at Tado Taisha shrine, six young men are selected by the gods from local deity-worshipping residents. The festival features the ancient ritual called ageumashinji, in which the young men in samurai outfits ride on horseback in attempts to jump to the top of a three-meter cliff.
Date(s) May 4th and 5th
Address Tado Taisha shrine in Tado Town (Kuwana City), Mie
Access Accessible from Tado Taisha-mae bus stop, which can be reached from Tado Station on the Kintetsu Yoro Line by bus bound for Biroku (five minutes bus ride).

Tado Festival (Ageumashinji) Neighborhood map

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