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Fukui Phoenix Festival

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Fukui Phoenix Festival

The whole city is filled with a festive mood during the festival period. Various events are held, including the exciting Yosakoi Icchorai dance festival, the "marching band for a million people" and a fireworks display.
Date(s) Early August
Address A: Phoenix-dori B: Fukui Municipal Cycling Stadium C: River bed of the Asuwagawa river on the upstream side of the Kidabashi bridge D: Chuo Park and Fukui-Ekimae Densha-dori
Access A. Ten minutes by car from Kanazu Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway. B: Accessible from Keirinjo-mae bus stop, which can be reached via Undo Koen route of the Keifuku bus. C: Ten minutes walk from JR Fukui Station.D: Five minutes walk from JR Fukui Station.

Fukui Phoenix Festival Neighborhood map

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