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Wiping cloth needing no detergent

KB Seiren Ltd., an Osaka City-based affiliate of Seiren Co., a major textile manufacturer in Fukui Prefecture, has developed a special type of cloth for wiping off home dust without the help of detergent.
The home-use wiping cloth is made of a fabric base that is knitted with an ultrathin microfiber filament developed for a cloth wiper used in a clean-room environment for precision machine manufacture and other processes. The fabric is then shrunken to a high degree for high-density textile construction. The resultant cloth, mixed with hydrophilic nylon and oleophilic polyester, wipes away both water and oily dust. With a surface yarn area about 12 times as large as that of commercially available wiping cloths made of knitted polyester, the new cloth can wipe away almost all dust in a stroke. Moreover, each microfiber filament used for the cloth has a cross-section in the shape of a wedge, removing rugged-surfaced dust and releasing none of oily dust back to the swept surface.

For inquiries, please contact Household Goods Sales Div., KB Seiren Ltd. (Tel: 06-6345-5074; URL: http://www.kbseiren.com/)