KANSAI Close-up

Umeboshi plums of Koume-chan brand

Minabe Town, Japan's top umeboshi (pickled plum)-producing area, and the Kishu Minabe Umeboshi Cooperative in Wakayama Prefecture have announced that they will develop new umeboshi products targeted at young people in a joint project with major confectionery maker Lotte Co. of Tokyo. The announcement said the cooperative's 22 members will each work to develop umeboshi and market the products across the nation from February next year under Lotte's Koume-chan brand (artist's drawing, courtesy of Lotte). Koume-chan (Little Plum) is a brand character used for Lotte's ume (plum)-flavored candies. The consumption of umeboshi has been declining year by year. Young people in particular have been consuming fewer umeboshi and convincing them to eat more has become a challenge.
The Koume line of ume-flavored candies, known to consumers for its package design featuring a drawing of beautiful girl Koume-chan, has been a long-seller item since it went on sale in 1974. She has maintained high name recognition among women, according to a Lotte survey, and the company said young women may find her charming.

For inquiries, please contact Ume Section, Minabe Town municipality. (Tel: 0739-74-3276; URL: http://www.town.minabe.lg.jp/)