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Power generation from disposer garbage

Osaka Gas Co. has developed a biogas power generation system utilizing kitchen garbage left in household disposers that are becoming increasingly popular in apartment complexes.
Currently, crushed raw garbage is washed out with water and treated in a purifier tank in such complexes. The sludge accumulated in the tank needs to be removed regularly. The company has developed technology to generate biogas from garbage with the help of microorganisms at a highly efficient rate. This has made it possible to halve the volume of water required for garbage disposal and completely remove sludge from the tank.
Combined with city gas, the biogas is utilized as an energy source for generating electricity and boiling water under a heat/electricity cogeneration system. Osaka Gas said it is Japan's first company to put disposer garbage to practical use as biogas. Osaka Gas will conduct field tests with the aim of making the biogas power generation system commercially available in fiscal 2011.

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