KANSAI Close-up

New system to aid venture firms

The Kyoto municipal government has established a system to support the city's venture businesses by purchasing their highly original or novel products. The city has already certified 15 products from nine firms under the 'Kyoto City Venture Business New Product Certification System.' The move is designed to support the cultivation of marketing channels for the products of venture businesses that do not have much of a track record in selling their products.
The certified products include 1) light-storing emergency exit sign lighting, which absorbs ultraviolet-ray energy of the sun and incandescent lamps and emits light without electricity in the event of a blackout (photo); 2) platinum-nanoparticle solution having antibacterial effects and useful for such applications as protection against in-hospital infection; 3) a portable X-ray device that analyzes harmful chemical elements in soil; 4) a high-performance light-reflecting sheet made of fine foam plastic, which is used as a reflector for fluorescent or LED lamps; 5) frozen sushi that can be stored for disasters; and 6) a portable toilet with an ozonizing deodorizer for nursing care. Administrative bodies under the control of the city government can purchase these products without biddings, and when they purchase one, they are to make their assessments public.

For inquiries, please contact Industrial Promotion Section, Industry & Tourism Bureau, Kyoto City Government (Tel: 075-222-3324; URL: http://www.city.kyoto.lg.jp/).