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Sea & air' transport test

The Kansai Economic Federation and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport launched a 'sea & air' transport experiment on Dec. 8, airfreighting electronic products shipped by sea from China to Japan's Hanshin Port to the United States and Europe from Kansai International Airport (KIX).
Electronic products made at Sony's Shanghai plant are shipped by freighters to Osaka Port (one of the three international ports making up Hanshin Port) and trucked to KIX, from where they are transported by cargo planes to Amsterdam and other cities. Demand for direct air shipments from China to the United States and Europe is heavy, but airfreight is very expensive. Using far less expensive surface transport part of the way is expected to reduce costs. At the same time, it is designed to enhance KIX and Hanshin Port as international physical distribution hubs and promote the use of the airport.
The test will be conducted two or three times by February 2009 to check the time and costs required for shipments, administrative procedures, and vibrations and shocks to which merchandise are exposed.

For inquiries, please contact Regional Affairs Dept., Kansai Economic Federation (Tel: 06-6441-0107; URL: http://www.kankeiren.or.jp/).