KANSAI Close-up

Robot posing like fashion model

The Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology has developed a mannequin-type robot that strikes a beautiful pose like a fashion model (photo). Kobe Design University, robot manufacturer Pinocchio Land in Kobe and others have been working on the development of the robot since last year to contribute to the promotion of industry in Kobe where robotics venture firms and the fashion industry are accumlated.
The newly developed robot has very slim ankles and other joints, and its body is slender, unlike humanoid robots unveiled thus far. In particular, in a demonstration of hip and leg movements, it shows delicate motions like those of fashion models. Such movements became possible by 16 motors installed in the joints in a mechanism intended to work together. The robot's body frame is made of aluminum. It stands about 160 cm and weighs about 30 kg.
It is intended for use in the fashion world, shopping centers, large business facilities and robotic theaters. Some corporations have reportedly sounded out the possibility of the robot's mass production. Its selling price is presently estimated at a million yen.

For inquiries, please contact Product Innovation Department, Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology (Tel: 078-731-4487; URL: http://www.hyogo-kg.go.jp/).