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World's 1st cellphone voice translation system

What is billed as the world's first voice translation service using mobile phones has been launched for users of NTT DoCoMo cellphones. The service is offered by ATR-Trek, an affiliate of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) of Kansai Science City in Seika Town, Kyoto Prefecture. The service is available through four models of NTT DoCoMo. It can be used in 105 countries and regions overseas from which connections to the iMode Internet service can be made.
The basic technology for this automatic voice translation has been developed by ATR. Japanese-English one-on-one translations of some one million examples of conversations, primarily those used while traveling, are registered on an ATR-Trek server. When one connects to the server via a mobile phone and speaks a phrase to the phone, the system translates it with the help of one-on-one translations and shows it on the cellphone's display. Its proficiency is about the same level as semi-Grade 1 of the Society for Testing English Proficiency in Japan.

For inquiries, please contact ATR (Tel: 0774-95-1172; URL: http://www.atr.co.jp/).