KANSAI Close-up

Press tours to Fukui & Osaka

KIPPO carried out press tours of Fukui and Osaka prefectures in Oct. and Nov. for foreign correspondents working in Tokyo
The correspondents taking part in the Oct. 26-27 trip to Fukui gathered material for articles on the prefecture's eyeglass frame industry that boasts a 95% domestic market share and Echizen washi or traditional Japanese paper for which Fukui holds the top share in the nation.
The trip to Osaka matched the Nov. 29-30 schedule for the Asian Business Women's Forum in Osaka. Later, they visited Daikin Industries Ltd., noted for its world-leading air conditioning technologies and also visited Temma-Tenjin Hanjyo-tei in Kita Ward, Osaka, that revived after being closed for 60 years after the end of World War II for 'kamigata'(Kansai) 'rakugo'comic storytelling. They then visited the adjacent Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade, the longest shopping mall in Japan. Seven correspondents from seven companies in four countries visited Fukui while 23 from 22 companies in 10 countries and territories made the trip to Osaka.