KANSAI Close-up

Record exports to China in October

In October 2006, exports from the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama prefectures) increased for the 55th consecutive month to 1,337.6 billion yen (up 9.3% year-on-year), while imports increased for the 33rd consecutive month to 1,070.5 billion yen (up 16.5% y-o-y), according to a preliminary trade report released by Osaka Customs on November 29. Both export and import numbers were records for October.
Trade with China surged, with exports standing at 276.0 billion yen (up 21.2% y-o-y) and imports at 363.5 billion yen (up 19.7% y-o-y). The export figure was the highest ever.
Among export items, conspicuous increases were registered in audio and video equipment parts standing at 58.1 billion yen (up by 19.2 billion yen y-o-y); semiconductors and other electronics parts at 138.5 billion yen (up by 9.9 billion yen ); and steel at 73.3 billion yen (up by 9.9 billion yen ). Import items which increased sharply were clothing and their accessories at 110.2 billion yen (up by 14.7 billion yen); and natural and manufactured gases at 51.5 billion yen (up by 11.3 billion yen ).

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