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Press tour visits afforestation projects

KIPPO recently held its 59th press tour which took 10 foreign journalists to nature-friendly afforestation projects in Mie and Wakayama prefectures. The participants represented nine media organizations of four countries - China, south Korea, Italy and Poland.
The tour included a visit to Toru Hayami, president of Hayami Forest Co. doing ""hinoki""(Japanese cypress) afforestation business in Kihoku Town, Mie Prefecture, for 200 years. The company's afforestation business is known for its ecology-friendly style and has become the first Japanese company to win a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)international certificate for nature-friendly afforestation business.
Hayami told the visitors that he has focused on low-cost business based on the principle of cutting only the replaceable amount of hinoki trees and has won the trust of consumers in a nich market of high-quality hinoki timber. Asked by the journalists about the wastefulness of disposable wooden chopsticks (waribashi) widely used in Japan and other East Asian countries, Hayami said there is no problem with them and that controlled use of waribashi in Japan, China and Korea would rather help improve forest management in the world.
Hayami Forest and the high-quality Owase hinoki timber are recognized as a ""Mie Brand,"" the title given by Mie Prefecture to top-rate companies and their high-quality products as a package.
For inquires, please contact Hayami Forest Co. URL http://www.re-forest.com/hayami/