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Cool Style Campaign wins gov't prize

The ecology-friendly ""Cool Style Campaign"" held by the KC (Kansai Council) has been given the 2005 Environment Minister's Award for Earth Warming Prevention Activities. An awarding ceremony was staged in Tokyo on December 15. The KC, headed by Yasuo Shingu, has been promoting the annual campaign since its inauguration in 1999, calling on business people to wear ""Cool Style"" shirts for dress-down attire in summer so that office room temperature can be set at 28 degrees C.
The Environment Ministry highly evaluated the KC for conducting the ecology-friendly campaign in the Kansai region ahead of any other region through public-private partnership and spreading the ""Cool Style"" to the Chubu , Shikoku and other regions.
According to the KC, 2,302 government and private-sector offices in Kansai were participating in the campaign as of June 30, 2005, and almost all local governments and economic organizations set room temperature at appropriate levels and adopted the dress-down work style. Of 496 business offices selected at random, 32% were setting office temperature at appropriate levels and 35% were practicing dress-down style. The ratios were higher than in the previous year.
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