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Omi-hachiman lake area 1st vital scenery of Japan

The lake/waterway district of Omi-hachiman, Shiga Prefecture, has been recommended as Japan's first ""Important cultural scenery,"" a new genre of cultural assets created by the central government to support the protection of uniquely Japanese scenic areas by the Cultural Affairs Council.
The Omi-hachiman lake/waterway district covers approximately 175 hectares, including the reed fields of Lake Nishi-no-ko, which supplied reeds for traditional blinds and were thus closely linked to local life. The Hachiman Canal, which feudal lord Toyotomi Hidetsugu built toward the end of the 16th century to connect Lake Biwa and Nishi-no-ko. During Japan's high economic growth, the water of this district was badly polluted and thrown into a crisis by the residents. Thanks to steady cleaning and other conservation activities by local residents, the district has been restored, attracting large numbers of tourists every year. From now on, the central government will provide financial support, etc. for the protection of the scenery.
For inquiries, please contact Public Affairs Section, Omi-hachiman City Government (Tel: 0748-36-5526) URL http://www.city.omihachiman.shiga.jp/