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Biomedical prize created jointly with U.S. journal

AnGes MG, Inc., a venture firm engaged in the development of genetic medicine, has announced that the company has linked up with Nature Japan, Inc., which prints scientific journal Nature in Japan, to commend the fruit of unique research in biomedicine. AnGes MG has created the ""Nature Medicine-AnGes MG BioMedical Award"" jointly with Nature Medicine, a U.S. medical journal. The award comprises three divisions: one for a scientist who has produced the most outstanding research results; another for a scientist 40 years old or younger; and the third one for a venture business. Each award comes with a 1 million yen cash prize. Applications for the award will be accepted between December 5, 2005, and February 15, 2006. Final results are to be decided in late March 2006.
AnGes MG, headquartered in Saito, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, was founded in 1999 based on an innovative discovery by Professor Ryuichi Morishita and others at Osaka University, and is engaged in R&D for practical applications of genetic medicine.
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