KANSAI Close-up

ATR and Tsukuba Univ. develop step-type Rrbot

The Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR International) and the University of Tsukuba have jointly developed a step-type robot device, called CirculaFloor, which moves in step with users. ATR International is the core facility of the Kansai Science City.
The main part of CirculaFloor consists of four step-type robots placed on a 60-centimeter quadrangle base equipped with wheels and a motor, and can move in all directions by remote control from a personal computer. The PC grasps the robot's positions of the device and the user's position by emitting ultrasonic waves and laser beams.
The device can be moved to the position to which the user's legs get down, after analyzing the direction in which the user is moving, how fast he is walking and where he is. If the four robots move around within an area of a square each side measuring four meters, and the user's walking speed is about 70 centimeters a second, it can easily follow the user's footsteps. CircularFloor can find use in commercial game machines.
For inquiries, please contact ATR Media Information Research Labs (Tel:0774-95-1401)