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Kyoto Univ., Mitsubishi develop new device for treating cancer

Kyoto University and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. have jointly developed a new device for treating cancer with continued application of radiation by tracking in real time the diseased part which shakes with breathing.
The device, the first of its kind in the world, explores areas around the cancer with two pairs of X-rays, processes position information with a computer and irradiates X-rays at the cancer focus. Since the device can focus radiation on cancer cells as small as 0.1 millimeter, radiation injury to healthy cells can be avoided and the burden on patients can be mitigated.
In developing, the Graduate School of Medicine of Kyoto University offered its expertise on radiation treatment, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. offered its precision position detection technology and image processing technology. The Kobe Municipal Government is expected to install the device at the Advanced Medical Center established in Kobe City's Chuo Ward under the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project and start using it for clinical experiments in fiscal 2005.
For inquiries, please contact Public Relations Section, Administration Department, Kyoto University (Tel:075-753-2071)