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Two firms develop cogeneration system for household use

Osaka Gas Co., based in Osaka City, and Kyocera Corp., based in Kyoto City, said they will jointly develop a 1-kilowatt cogeneration system for household use by making use of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Osaka Gas is pressing ahead with development of cogeneration systems while Kyocera boasts of the world's highest level of power generation efficiency in SOFC. In the process of joint development, Kyocera will develop cells and power generation modules while Osaka Gas will develop devices for desulfurizing household gas and recovering heat waste as well as the function of learning control for household use. The two companies plan to conduct household tests from fiscal 2005 with the aim of commercializing the system as early as fiscal 2008.
There are a variety of fuel cells according to electrolytes that generate electricity. SOFCs use ceramics as electrolyte, with their power generation efficiency said to be the world's highest levels.
Kyocera-made SOFCs have achieved the world's highest efficiency rate of 44% in a test run. The system to be developed by the two companies will bring benefit to those households whose heat demand is low relative to their electricity demand, they said.
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