KANSAI Close-up

Japan's first robot entertainment production formed

Venture businesses in the Kansai region have jointly established an entertainment production firm, Cyberstone Ltd., using humanoid robots, Japan's first company of its kind, in Osaka City's Konohana Ward.
As ROBO-PRO, the new company will promote robot-related large-scale events such as robot soccer and martial art games. It will also offer robot-based scientific education to children and receive orders for developing new robots in cooperation with RooBO, a next-generation robot development network whose secretariat is Business Innovation Center Osaka and offering new technologies in a move to contribute to advancing the robot industry.
The humanoid robots involved are five models, such as VisiON, which has won the world robotic soccer championship in Lisbon, Portugal, in July 2004.
For inquiries, please contact ROBO-PRO (Tel: 06-6467-6601) URL http://www.vstone.co.jp/robopro/