KANSAI Close-up

[Columns]Ukrainian woman promoting Kyoto's international exchanges

At the close of a year, the concourse of the Kyoto Station Building was swarmed with masses of people. I thrust my way through the throng and took an elevator to the ninth floor. There, I found a quiet, relaxed office, an entirely different world from the bustling concourse. That is the Kyoto Prefectural International Center (KPIC).
I was greeted by two foreign receptionists. They showed me inside. One of them was Sigal Olena from Ukraine. Olena, 27, looks intelligent and one of the typical beauties of East European countries like Ukraine and Poland. As a staff member of the KPlC, Olena handles various types of creative work, not limited to such linguistic work like interpretation for visiting foreign VIPs and translation of official documents.