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Matsushita develops high-power switch IC using GaN

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. has developed a high-power switch IC after successfully integrating gallium nitride (GaN) transistor for the first time in the world. The switch IC boosted permeable electric capability by 10 times from 4W to 40W, which was the limit of the conventional GaAs switch ICs, and reduced the transistor size by 40 percent. It is expected that reduction of electricity loss would enable communication devices to operate for long hours, raise their reception levels and reduce their size.
The technological feat was achieved by 1) the realization of breakdown voltage higher than 100 volts with an extremely narrow gate, 2) halving of low-on-state resistance with original silicon doping technique, 3) more than halving of the chip size by reduction of the stages from five in the case of the 20-volt GaAs transistor to one due to high breakdown voltage, and 4) the integration of transistors and resistance elements into one chip through MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) technology.