KANSAI Close-up

[Columns]No time to sit quietly

In America, rubbing the thumb, middle finger and forefinger means money. Putting up the thumb, middle finger and little finger means love.' His job is diverse-liaison work with the city's sister cities and foreign countries, publishing English pamphlets issued by the city, English translation of the city's home page content, teaching international understanding at primary, junior and senior high schools, editing and publishing magazines for foreign residents of the city, and teaching English conversation to city employees.
He even sells 'oden'(a Japanese dish containing all kinds of ingredients cooked in a special broth of soy sauce, sugar, sake and others) at a night shop in the Bon festival, and participates in a potato digging event for citizens-no time to sit quietly.
It is quite rare for a city with this size to be so eager about international exchanges. This writer asked a malicious question. 'When you studied Confucianism at college, the First Emperor of the Qin dynasty...' He interrupted and said, 'He burned Confucianism books and buried scholars alive...' He knew the notorious practice of the First Emperor-burning books on the Chinese classics and burying Confucian scholars alive. (H)