KANSAI Close-up

Corporate confidence in Kansai improves

The Osaka branch of the Bank of Japan recently announced the quarterly 'tankan' report and said corporate confidence in six prefectures in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama) in the final quarter of this year improved for the third consecutive quarter.
The diffusion index (DI)-the ratio of those responding in the positive to those responding in the negative-was minus 25 for manufacturers, up 5 points over September in which the previous report was released, and the DI for non-manufacturers was minis 32, up 4 points. The DI for both manufacturers and non-manufacturers was minus 29, up 4 points.
The DI for manufacturers improved for the fourth consecutive quarter, while that for non-manufacturers improved for the first time in two quarters. Among manufacturers, the DI for lumber and wood companies was up 20 points, that for the general machinery industry up 19 points, that for paper-pulp companies up 12 points and that for the steel industry up 10 points. Among non-manufacturers, the DI for the transportation industry was up 10 points and that for wholesalers up 7 points.