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[Columns]Eco-friendly refrigerant

Fluorocarbon is an essential refrigerant in car air conditioners and refrigerators. However, it is said that when it is released into the air, it destroys the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth and increases the amount of ultraviolet rays that reach the ground, harming living creatures.
Dr. Piao's theme was research and development of an environmentally friendly refrigerant. His efforts bore fruit when he succeeded in discovering the physical properties of 'R134A,' a refrigerant. He earned his doctorate degree in engineering on this work and became a regular employee of Daikin in 1992. He is an indispensable up-and-coming scientist. 'I am really fortunate. I applied for a permanent residence visa last year and got it in two weeks. It is said that usually it takes more than half a year.' So far, he has served as a secretary in Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties and has been a member of the Committee on the Table of Thermophysical Properties, Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers; and other groups.
This track record and his contributions to Japan must have worked in his favor. Today, there is a large number of smart foreign staff members like Dr. Piao in government offices and private enterprises all over Japan. Dr. Piao has a wife, also of ethnic Korean origin, and two children. (H)