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Osaka high school plans excursion to Mongolia

Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki High School is planning to send its students to Mongolia on a school excursion that gives the final touch to their high school education. The plan calls for its 360 students in the school's 56th class to graduate to visit Mongolia in two groups: The first group (160 students) will travel from June 22 to 26, 2002, while the second group (200 students) will travel from June 23-27, 2002. They will stay in Ulan Bator, the camp site in Undur Dov and other places.
The planned trips have been authorized as a commemorative event by the 'Committee for the Commemorative Events to Mark the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations' created by the foreign ministries of Mongolia and Japan. On June 24, youths from both nations will hold a symposium and other events for mutual exchanges. The Japanese students will also take part in horseback riding and cooking Mongolian food, and try their hands at playing the horse-head harp, a Mongolian musical instrument.
Ibaraki High School hopes that the proposed event will help students deepen their understanding the Earth's environment through outdoor activities in open nature.