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[Columns]No originality

There is quite a difference between Japan and the United States in advertisements. For example, there are cases in the United States in which a company puts out an advertisement to run down and make a disparaging remark about a rival company product by citing its name. There is no such advertising in Japan.
Japanese corporations adopt an advertising gimmick comparing their products with those of their rivals. They are low-keyed, touting their products in a casual and easygoing manner to the extent of saying: 'the neighbor's car looks smaller.' How is Mr. Holden handling such a difference? 'I don't find it difficult since there are many ways to approach it in response to orders (Dentsu receives). Even so, there is no originality in Japanese commercials. When a commercial of a certain company becomes a hit, another corporation imitates it. Almost every enterprise asks us to use the words 21st Century, millennium or a new century in their commercials. There are also many orders for comical commercials. Exaggerated comical commercials like British gags of a decade ago appear to go down well in Japan.'