KANSAI Close-up

Japan's largest thermal powerplant in Tokushima

Electric Power Development Co. (EPDC) has started operating the No. 2 Unit of the Tachibanawan Thermal Power Station in Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture, after completion of its construction.Its maximum output is 1.05 million kW, and together with its No. 1 Unit that has been in operation, is the largest coal thermal plant in the country as a single unit.
The combined output of the two units is 2.1 million kW, which puts the station on the same position as that of the Hekinan Thermal Power Plant (700,000 kW x 3) of Chubu Electric Power Co. as the largest domestic power generating facility. The power generated from the Tachibanawan Station goes to Kansai Electric Power Co., Chugoku Electric Power Co., Kyushu Electric Power Co., and Shikoku Electric Power Co. as a wide area source of electric power in Western Japan.