KANSAI Close-up

Kansai Window' to open on January 1

In a joint project, the Kansai Council, the Kansai International Public Relations Promotion Office (KIPPO) will open 'Kansai Window' on January 1 as an official general information window.
The number of pages will total about 7,600. In addition to previously known 'KIPPO NEWS,' there will be 'Tourism Page' carrying information on tourist spots in Kansai and 'Business Page' giving lists of Kansai plants available for 'technical visits.' With these added information pages, the new service will offer parts of reports on culture and a variety of economic activities in Kansai in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, sending out the appeal of Kansai directly to the world, centering on Asia.
For details, please take a look at its home page http://www.kansai.gr.jp/